Bag Program

At Orcas Island Market, two of our core guiding principles are to be community-centered and to be environmentally responsible. We want to be proactive in helping the environment by reducing waste and we’ve followed with interest the national trend toward charging for grocery bags in local communities. 

Effective July 15, 2019 we will be charging 25¢ per large paper bag used for our customer’s groceries.  The net proceeds from each bag sold will be donated to support critical needs within the Orcas Island community, through a partnership with the Orcas Island Community Foundation. We are starting a fund at OICF to receive these proceeds and distribute grants from. We’re excited about this decision because it allows us to reduce our environmental impact while donating more to our community.

We will be publishing the critical needs we support each year in our “Island Market Annual Impact Report” as well as on our website throughout the year.  

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