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Leaving the Island by Elizabeth Austen

Mist-colored knots of sea glass. A moss-clot cadged from the trail’s edge. The truce fished word by word from beneath the surface, still unspoken. We carry what we found what we made there. Three days you and I let the currents direct our course, slept on cool sand, let woodsmoke flavor us.

What’s left? Slow travel over cold water. Toward home and days ordered by clocks instead of tides. We watch through salt-scarred windows, hoping the dark shapes will rise beside us, will grace us. We know too well what can’t be willed, only missed if we look away too soon.

Judd Cove Oysters


Orcas Island is filled with unique and tasty locally-owned dining options. From fresh baked goods, to delicious American-inspired cuisine, you are sure to find the perfect spot to dine during your visit to the island. 

Orcas Island Family Adventures

Family Activities

The island is family friendly with so many adventures for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Check out all of the variety of experiences that you can have on your Orcas Island Adventure. 

Church on Orcas Island Washington


Your visit to Orcas Island will be filled with many historical sites. Established as a fishing and fruit producing island, you will find many unique places to visit during your trip. 

Orcas Island Waterfalls


There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors on Orcas Island. From hiking, biking, boating, or just exploring on foot – there is always a spectacular view wherever you go. 

Self-Care Options on Orcas Island


No trip to Orcas Island is complete without a little self-care. Explore all the healing options available on the island to take care of yourself. 

Artist Community on Orcas Island

Arts & Crafts

The island is home to many artisans who capture the beauty and the essence of the San Juan Islands.