About Island Market


Teezer's Coffeehouse

7 am - 2 pm Daily


Woody's Taphouse

Wednesday - Saturday

11 am - 6 pm


The Cookhouse & Hot Bar

Monday - Friday

11 am - until supplies last

Island Market is a full-service family-owned grocery store on beautiful Orcas Island.

We have been proudly serving our Orcas Island community with quality products, outstanding customer service and inspired progression since 1897. Today, we are the primary grocery store on Orcas Island, providing a full-serve Deli & Bakery, meat department, with butchers on staff, and a produce department with a wide-variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. We pride ourselves in offering a unique mix of local products from Orcas Island, the San Juan Islands and the state of Washington, as well as, everything you need for your pantry.

The original store was started by our great-great grandfather, Hugh Wooster Templin, over 125 years ago. Ocertime, the building has moved locations and even changed names from Templin’s Fair to Templin’s General Store, and now Orcas Island Market. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to hiring the best staff and providing the best-quality products to our community and guests. Our staff consists of over 55 year-round employees, plus many local students for Summer support.

In 1972, our father, Dale Linnes, took ownership of Templin’s Store. He carried on our principles of running a successful business instilled in him by his father, Woodrow (Woody) Linnes.

“Take car of your employees, maintain a clean store, and lead with integrity.”

Our Mission

A Family of Grocers Dedicated to the Time Honored Tradition of Connecting our Community, One Bag at a Time.

Guiding Principles

The Greatest Place to Work

Our employees are our greatest resource and are treated with the utmost respect. All will be given opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Friendliest Place on the Island

We treat our customers like neighbors and work hard to provide the friendliest shopping experience anywhere.

Dedicated to our Community

We take pride in contributing our time and resources for the benefit of our community.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility

We are continually adopting ways to reduce our impact on the environment and are committed to preserving that which makes Orcas Island unique.

Promotionally Exciting

We believe in providing a fun and engaging shopping experience for all to enjoy.