Wine Pick of the Month: Dark Horse Wine

October Wine Pick of the Month: Dark Horse Wine

The October Wine Pick of the Month is Dark Horse Wines.  The Big Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are all available for $7.99 at Orcas Island Market throughout the month of October.


The bold, juicy red that plays extremely well with others. Three super-fruits came together to create a full-bodied red.  Aged on French and American Oak with Mocha and Brown Spice notes, the Big Red Blend is a complex layer of smooth acidity, dark berries, and warm vanilla flavors.

Food Pairing Recommendation: It’s the perfect splash at smoky backyard BBQs, and it adds incredible flavor to every day occasions like “dinner” and “nighttime”.


Bringing together a carefully selected collection of California grapes, this wine has a great balance of big fruit flavors with deep, dry, mouthwatering notes. Dark Horse Cab loves any party or holiday gathering where there’s a chance to mingle with all kinds of tastes. The grapes are harvested at the peak of ripeness, which creates a velvety smoothness to those firm tannin.

Food Pairing Recommendation: If you’re not using red wine to make your burgers yet, this daring flavor-bomb might just change your life. With big, lush waves of jammy fruit and black cherry, the Cab turns up the umami in sturdy mains like steaks, chops, shepherd’s pie, and anything else you happen to sit down to.


The light sweetness of juicy, stone fruit flavors provide a softer, creamier flavor ride.  Divine, buttery notes with a smooth finish.

Food Pairing Recommendation: Bring on your heavyweights, this Chardonnay is no pushover. When you’re staring down a super indulgence like lobster mac n’ cheese, the assertive Dark Horse Chardonnay is your perfect match. This show off also elevates bright, sunshiny flavors in summer staples like sangrias and creamy desserts.