We are renovating the store and need your vote!

We have developed three concepts to show what the entry area of the building could look like.  The new area will add onto the entry area, provide additional seating and make it easier to get in and out of the store.

All three concepts are meant to reflect the beauty of Orcas Island. Natural minerals found on the island serve as the inspiration for the exterior finish materials.


Concept A: Mt. Constitution

In this option, a tall, solid mass with a silhouette of the island at the exterior recalls the tower atop Mt. Constitution. Large windows, exposed wood columns, beams and siding are highlights that help this concept feel comfortable and warm.


Concept B: Agricultural

This option features sliding exterior shades that will ensure a thermally comfortable interior environment.  Reminiscent of historic agricultural buildings that grace the San Juan Islands, it uses board and batten siding as exterior cladding.

Concept C: Forest

This option features tall vertical elements – like that of a forest.  Wood slats transition from the exterior siding to an exterior screen that defines the exterior cart areas, which are outside the roof eaves in this option.