Saviah Cellars

Saviah Cellars was founded in 2000 by Richard Funk and his wife, Anita. Anita’s grate-grandmother was named Saviah and she wrote a book called “The Gift of Little Things” and wine, of course, was one of those little things.

Saviah Cellars has multiple Estate Vineyards in the southern end of Walla Walla Valley where they produce their extraordinary wines that are full of flavor.

They have won many awards and have been recognized nationally for their excellent wines. In 2009 there were named one of the top 100 Wineries by Wine & Spirits Magazine and in 2010 they were called one of the rising stars in Washington by Wine Spectator. Also, in 2013 The Jack brand was named one of the Top Value Brands of the Year.

Stop in and get all four outstanding wines at your Orcas Island Market!

Red Blend $14.99

Cabernet $14.99

Syrah $14.99

Chardonnay $11.99