Bottles from Orcas Wine CO.

Hand Made

Orcas Wine Co. is a local Orcas Island company that has been passed down for generations, and like fine wine, it only gets better with age. This local family incorporates their Italian heritage tradition of making wine with new world wine-making techniques, so rest assured you’re getting the best of both worlds with these products. Generations of hard work with modern flavors… all in one bottle!

Orcas Wine Co. brings wine lovers together from near and far with the promise of their premium wine that employs smooth, balanced flavors. This local business is special for many reasons, but one is certainly their passion for community, tradition, and authentic ingredients. Orcas Wine Co. wine is sourced from extraordinary grapes in some of the best vineyards within Washington’s Columbia Valley, which are then crafted right here on Orcas Island. 

Whether you like red wine or white wine, Orcas Wine Co. has a bottle just for you. You can find their products at Orcas Island Market. Whatever the occasion may be from birthday parties to quiet movie nights, it’s bound to be special with a bottle of Orcas Wine Co. premium wine to share. Don’t miss out on this amazing company’s continuing journey, offerings, events, and more by checking out their website.

Orcas Wine CO.
Orcas Wine CO.