Magical Island Herbals


Self care using natural ingredients that respect and honor Mother Earth is one of the many things that makes Magic Island Herbals products so easy to use and even easier to fall in love with. On the beautiful Orcas Island, Carol Anderson started her company with the intention to respectfully harvest, create, and share therapeutic herbs and flowers with the world… And that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Anderson’s line of products not only appeals to every skin type, but it also delivers the utmost care to skin using recyclable, biodegradable packaging, so both the consumer’s and the Earth’s well-being are top of mind. This line of products includes oils, lip balms, lip creams, lip salves, sprays, salts and scrubs, and roll-ons. From Handy Dandy Bug Spray to Sweet Cheeks Organic Sugar and Coconut Scrub, you won’t find a product that wasn’t made with genuine care all the way from the point of harvest to your very own hands.

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and with that, comes our duty to care for it. Anderson makes this task easier than ever with her products, and she does it with a love for Planet Earth and human souls that invite warmth and a delight to consumers. Not only will you look good using these products, but you’ll feel even better.

Take a step back into nature with Magic Island Herbals. These body products call on nature’s healing properties to soothe and heal our skin, uniting us with Mother Nature. Orcas Island Market offers Magic Island Herbals products, which can also be found on their website. Make sure to explore and embrace the skincare products that will help you feel the most at ease!

Magical Island Herbals
Magical Island Herbals Lip Balm