Local Producer: Girl Meets Dirt

Producer of the Month: Girl Meets Dirt

Girl Meets Dirt Preserves

Girl Meets Dirt was born of the land.  Grew limbs through storms, gained strength with rain, knowledge with history, rootedness with dirt under her fingernails.  Seedlings rose, and bore fruit.  And she watched, curious & hungry, and learned the art of stretching bounty into winter.  This is where the story ends (it always ends) but begins anew – with worn muddy boots and kitchen clogs – a journey in steps, stems, pear seeds, plum pits, and apple flesh.  A journey to the fruit of the matter & back, on one island farmette.” – Founder Audra Lawlor

Girl Meets Dirt Fresh Pears in a Wooden Basket

Girl Meets Dirt’s specialty preserves are made from orchard fruit trees that have been producing specialty fruits for over 100 on Orcas Island. The preserves are only made with the highest quality, locally sourced organic fruit.  Each jar is handmade in copper pots and filled with only naturally grown fruit, unrefined sugar, organic lemon and fresh herbs. All spoon preserves are tailor-made for sweet and savory pairings, as well as cooking.

Try all the tasty Spoon Preserves at Orcas Island Market. They include:

Orange Peppered Pear: The flavor-packed preserve is new to the line and is the perfect soulmate for gooey brie.

Shiro Plum with Mint: A perfect preserve that is excellent on toast, with cheese and anything that you would use a mint sauce on (pork, chicken or lamb).

Italian Plum & Anise Hyssop:
Made with Italian Plums, it has a hint of licorice.

Pear Balsamic:
Bartlett Pears with a touch of balsamic vinegar. Perfect over ice cream.

Orcas Pear with Bay:
A rosy preserve with a touch of ginger from garden grown bay leaves. Fantastic with pannacotta, cheesecake, and cheese.

Rhubarb Lavender:
Tart & sweet, this preserve is perfect with soft cheeses, butter baguettes or ice cream.

Quince Marmalade:
Just like a traditional marmalade, this preserve is perfect on bread and cheese due to its notes of honey.

Apple Caramel:
Caramelized preserves is a topper for pork, a friend to cheese, or just about anything else.

Tomato Jam: Made with Maple Rock Farm Amish tomatoes, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, and organic lemon zest.

Donut Peach with Lime: Pair this delicious jam with stinky cheese or salty meat for a well-rounded treat.

Okanogan Apricot: Your tastebuds will go crazy for this scrumptious jam that has apricot, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic lemon for balance, and a hint of almond flavor.

Girl Meets Dirt Preserves on a Spoon

We also carry shrubs in the following flavors:

  • Island Pear
  • Ruby Spiced Apple
  • Island Plum
  • Quince
  • Tomato
  • Bitter Lemon Lavender