Local Goods at Orcas Island, WA

Local Goods

Orcas Island is home to Local Goods, a small business that started with an entrepreneur’s transition from busy city life to one humbled by the beauty that is Orcas Island and its people. Rob Kirby felt a calling to create and share a wide range of products, which birthed the Local Goods business we know and love today. 

Inspired by the magical island, the local people, and his loved ones, Kirby made the leap to start selling his salad dressings, hot sauces, preserves, pastas, coffee, granola, muesli, and spice rubs. Each product focuses on Northwest flavors and local ingredients. Using his knowledge as a cook for many years, Kirby has tested, grown, and perfected a variety of flavors that make Local Goods so special.

The concept of “local” is one that Local Goods has to a science. It’s even right there in the name! Kirby and his family work where they live: a cottage industry in Deer Harbor. They sell their goods here at Orcas Island Market, where anyone can gather and enjoy good food and products together. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or searching for a little something special just for you, Local Goods has you covered. 

To explore Local Goods products further and learn more about their story, visit their website for more information. Enjoy local, authentic, delightful flavors that only come from Local Goods!

Pasta from Local Goods at Orcas Island, WA
Local Goods at Orcas Island, WA