Landsea Gomasio

Landsea Gomasio was created by Brooke Budner. She is an Orcas Island-based artist and farmer. She created a nourishing blend of ingredients that let the wild flavors of Orcas Island Shine with every teaspoon! 

She created the seasoning with her passion for getting out on the water and harvesting kelp as well as exploring the woods to harvest nettles. As soon as she added her harvested ingredients with sesame seeds she knew she created something nutritious and delicious and wanted to share her healthy creation with everyone. 

This blend of healthy ingredients is designed to support your body with their nourishing powers. Brooke’s tasty product, Landsea Gomasio, is filled with nutritious vitamins and essential fatty acids making this a great swap for your everyday table salt.  This seasoning a great addition to rice, eggs, salad, cooked veggies, popcorn and so much more! 

Pick up a 4 oz container for just $9.99 at your Local Orcas Island Market today!