Girl Mets Dirt Preserves

Preserves Made Local

Girl Meets Dirt is a company founded on tradition and authenticity. It all started when its founder, Audra, left a Wall Street career in New York City life to pursue a life out West with her husband and their two dogs, taking with her a dream that she knew she could accomplish in a very special place… Orcas Island.

Having survived great storms, Girl Meets Dirt brings to life the beauty in tradition, perseverance, positivity, and embracing the winds of difficulty. Girl Meets Dirt is born of the land, and she now shares the fruits of her labor with those that keep her thriving: the people of Orcas Island. It is with their help that Girl Meets Dirt stands so fiercely and unwavering today. 

Audra is bringing back the time-honored tradition of fruit production by hand. Everything at Girl Meets Dirt is done over a hot stove by hand, packaged by hand, and labeled by hand. No machines. No shortcuts. As a result of this hard work, you cannot find more authentic products anywhere else. From Shrubs & Bitters to Spoon & Cutting Preserves, the range of genuine goodness Girl Meets Dirt offers is unmatched. 

This wonderful company lives here on Orcas Island. She is full of history, experiences, and offerings that aim to delight not only our taste buds but our hearts and souls. To learn more about Girl Meets Dirt, check out their website. If you would like to try their products, you can find a wide variety of Girl Meets Dirt goods at Island Market.

Girl Meets Dirt
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