Effective immediately:

We are now monitoring and at times limiting the number of people in the store to protect our employees and customers. Customers are asked to wait outside if we reach our reduced capacity. In case you do have to wait a bit, here are some tips:

– It is still chilly outside. Bring something warm to wear
– we are asking that you not bring your reusable bags at this time
– we have a hand-washing sink set up just inside the door; we ask everyone to wash their hands before shopping
– we have changed our aisles a bit and we have maps to help you find your items
– stay home if you are sick or a family member is sick

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding,
Your Island Market Team

****Be sure to check Facebook or our website for the latest information****


Effective immediately:

  • Store hours are 7am-7pm everyday.
  • Mandatory 6 feet distance rule in effect for all people inside the store.
  • We encourage you to only come to the store for essentials and ask you to team up with friends and neighbors to make one trip instead of many.
  • Starting Monday, we will have a hand washing station setup at the front door and will be requiring you to wash your hands before shopping.

We will also be monitoring the amount of people in the store to ensure there is a safe distance for our employees and shoppers.

Updates and Answers:

  • Our supply chain remains good for all essential food items and we are receiving sanitizer and cleaning products as they become available. When they do become available you will be limited to one per customer.
  • Many have asked about doing a special hour for at-risk shoppers. After consulting with many people, we are not going to do this as we feel it will put those at risk at a higher risk. Please encourage the people at high risk to utilize friends, neighbors, and our community resources. Visit to volunteer or to sign up for assistance.
  • We are sorry about the timing of the store reset (moving items around) and wish we could have delayed but our options were limited. We have new store maps at the register to help you find the items your looking for.
  • People have asked about delivery or curbside pickup. We are not able to do that at this time due to the amount of people that would need to be served. We are focusing on cleaning, sanitizing, and giving people space to shop.


I would like to sign off by saying how grateful we are to be a part of a community that looks after one another and considers their neighbors in a time of crisis. In many other areas people are not being as considerate as us islanders. It is amazing to be a part of a community that strengthens when a challenge comes our way.

Be well Orcas,

Your Island Market team
****Be sure to check Facebook or our website for the latest information****


Dear Orcas Community,

Normally our goal is to get as many customers as possible in our store, but as we navigate through uncharted waters, we are asking our community to help us keep our employees safe and healthy by following our recommendations below.  This will help keep us open and able to support our amazing community through this challenging time.

  • If you, or someone you have been in contact with, are sick or have a fever please do not come in the store. If you need supplies or help go to and look for available options.
  • Normally we are a social hub on the island (we will be again soon) but now more than ever we are asking you to shop alone, efficiently, and only when necessary. Try to limit your time in the store.
  • Partner with neighbors to get supplies from town and limit trips. If you are shopping for more than your family let us know and we will lift “limits on key items.”
  • Try to avoid paying with cash, coin or check if you can. Mobile payments (apple or google pay) are best and then Credit and debit.
  • If you are at risk, or have health issues, please try to avoid coming in the store. Utilize friends and neighbors to help pickup items you need.  Also, the OICF is coordinating efforts to help people at risk or in need.  Check out for more info.
  • Lastly, please do not bring reusable bags into the store (sad face). We hate this one but the immediate need for health and safety outweigh alternative (we will waive the $0.25 charge during this time).


Jacob, Jason, and your Island Market Family

PS- We have opened a direct link to the “Orcas Island Emergency Fund” through our registers so customers can donate directly to the OICF fund.